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The Mural at La Jolla Beach Travelodge


The beautiful mural  on the wall by our heated swimming pool was created by Hanna Daly, the owner of Hanna’s Murals. She painted it in December 2013. It shows the Shack at Windanseabeach that is just 300 yards from the hotel.A palm-covered shack was originally constructed in 1946 by Woody Ekstrom, Fred Kenyon and Don Okey. "The Surf Shack at WindanseaBeach" was designated as an historical landmark by the San Diego Historical Resources Board on May 27, 1998.

Hanna's Murals is local San Diego company, and is owned and operated by native Californian Johanna Daly. Daly started Hanna's Murals in 2005 and has painted hundreds of murals all over California. She started painting small residential murals, mostly nurseries and playrooms, and over the years has progressed into large-scale exterior murals. She has worked with RadyChildren's Hospital, The Holiday Inn, The City of San Diego and numerous other organizations. However, her favorite projects have been those that give back to the community. She has donated her time and talents to the Golden Hill Youth Center, Cecily's Closet, and Becky's House. Learn more about those projects.

Hanna is a self-trained artist, and began her obsession with art as a teenager when she would spend countless hours creating tiny hyper-realistic colored pencil drawings. In 2002, she graduated from UC Santa Barbara, where she chose to major in Linguistics in lieu of art, because she never dreamed of making a career out of her artistic talent.

When Hanna isn't painting, you can find her doing crafts with her two kids or playing at the beach. She is also an open water swimmer and plays roller derby with the San Diego Derby Dolls. 

"I love working with a customer to create a work of art that fits perfectly in their environment. And I especially love it when I can get the job done at an awesome price.“ Johanna Daly - Owner/Artist